We offer two of the very best options when it comes to suspension seat pedestals!

Both Air Wave and Smooth Moves are the industry leaders when it comes to making your day on rough water feel like it was flat calm! Please call or email to order.  We also do installation. (920) 269-2628 or

Air Waves - $895.00

Available in 6", 9" 10", and 11"heights. AirWave™ Pedestals have been created to benefit those who struggle with and those who proactively attempt to prevent back and spine fatigue and decrease whole body vibration. The greatest advantage of our adjustable AirWave™ boat seat is when properly adjusted to the rider, there is a major reduction in bounce and pitch, giving you more control of your watercraft. Watch the video on left for more info. 

Smooth Moves - $575.00

Available in 4.75", 6", and 8" heights.  Install Smooth Moves and wave goodbye to backaches, neck pain and other discomfort caused by a day out on choppy waters. Whether you’re participating in a fishing tournament or planning a daylong pleasure cruise, you won’t have to worry about waves with our shock absorbing boat seat pedestal. Watch the video on left for more info.