Drotto Auto Latch. Now Available! $259.99 or $279.99 with Roller

Are you looking for an easy way to load and unload your boat from your trailer? The Drotto Catch-N-Release Auto Boat Latch is the answer! Please call or email us to order. (920)269-2628 or info@theboatdoc.com 

How to Install the Drotto Auto Latch

Our auto boat latch fits most trailers with a 3 ¾" – 4" bow roller and 3". To install the product simply remove the mounted bow roller on your trailer (mounted with one bolt) and replace it with the Drotto product using the same bolt. This is a simple "one bolt" install on your trailer. It doesn't get much easier than that.

How to Unload Using the Drotto Auto Latch

When you arrive at the lake, simply back your boat down the ramp. Just before you come to the water, park the vehicle, unhook the chains from the trailer and leave the Drotto auto boat latch latched onto the boat. Proceed to back the trailer into the water. Once you are at the desired depth in the water, pull the lever and away you go!

How to Load Using the Drotto Auto Latch

From the water, simply drive your boat right up the trailer until the Drotto product clicks and secures your boat. Then simply pull the trailer out of the water, park the vehicle and hookup your chains. It's that simple! No getting in the water and no wet feet.